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30 12 / 2013


Moses Bridge

This sunken bridge designed by Ro & AD Architects from the Netherlands, has in fact parted waters. The bridge is in the Netherlands and it is the most practical and fun way of accessing the stunning 17th century fortress.

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alkiviades almar
by almar  (portalmar.tumblr.com)


alkiviades almar

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NYC - September, 2013.
by michaelrs.tumblr.com


NYC - September, 2013.

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A close friend recently co-published this article on sports psychology research, specifically addressing female athletes.  Check it out!

The part I found most interesting/key:

"The differentiation of topics and research questions when it comes to the study of women vs. men reflect a gender bias which seems to be ingrained in sport psychology studies.  This gender bias, in conjunction with a lack of gender/social theory underpinnings of the analyses of gender differences or similarities, is very problematic and has negative implications on how female athletes are constituted.  Moreover, by comparing female competitive martial artists with female non-athletes or with male martial artists, many of the sport psychology studies cited above reinforce the stereotypes which suggest that female martial art athletes are somehow different from the so-called "normal" women, such as claims that certain characteristics are particular to women who seek out physical activities as martial arts, that elite martial artists develop "masculine" traits, or that female martial artists may be more prone to accept violent conflict resolutions in contrast to other women.  Additionally, some studies reinforce the gender stereotypes that female martial art athletes are somehow "weaker" than their male counterparts, or that women’s perceptions of high chance in sporting success is a much rarer phenomenon than in the case of men.

Approaches of this kind carry various limitations and fail to give insights into women’s experiences, instead presenting female martial artists as a homogeneous group with similar personality characteristics and motives and reinforcing the social constitution of female martial artists as essentially different from male athletes or from female non-athletes.”

(Source: tayancgym)

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As well as being good for our physical health, exercise is good for our mental health. Benefits include the following:

· It enhances your mood

· It reduces your stress levels and enhances your ability to cope effectively with stress

· It raises your self-confidence and…

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31 12 / 2012


Inspired by underwater life, multidisciplinary artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann has created a breathtaking jellyfish aquarium, titled Underwater Flight located at Portland International Airport. Continuing her exploration of the way light is reflected on different mediums, she experiments with coloured organza, wool felting fibers and silk to build this magical underwater kingdom.

Photograph credit - The Weaver House.

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